Reputation of Sancity

The Servant of God

Reputaion of Sancity

Rev. Fr. John Peter SAVARINAYAGAM (1941 – 1979) as a small boy, he was doing a lot of penance in his hidden life but anyway his austerity was observed. His brother Mr. Jayapal (U2018), his sister Amalaropava Jaya (75) and his family members always remember about the number of his holy activities at his childhood. He deepened his austere life after joining the Franciscan Capuchins. The formators and his companions noticed that he was a man with a sense of wonder, humility, simplicity, poverty, obedience, docility and prayerfulness. The living witnesses, his companions Fr. Stephen Jayaraj, Fr. Joseph Anthony and still others speak volumes of his prayer life, contemplation, austerity and genuineness to his Capuchin vocation. Fr. B. Aruldas (84), who was his superior at Amalashram acclaims him that he hasn't seen such an obedient friar so far in his life.

After his ordination Fr. John Peter lived at Amalashram for about five years at three different times and he served as a Spiritual Father to a few of the communities of the Sisters of the Holy Cross of Chavanod (SCC) and the Sisters of St. Anne of Tiruchirappalli (SAT) in the dioceses of Kumbakonam and Tiruchirappali. The sisters who looked at his life style and inspirational talks revered him as a holy man. Sr. Rosaline SCC (88), Sr. Pushpam SCC (70), Sr. Thangam SAT (68) Sr. Christy SAT (72) and a group of sisters stand as testimonies for his holy and spirit filled life, deep spiritual discourses, life of a mystic. He developed a great thirst to the spirituality of St. Theresa of Avila. He often quoted this mystical saint in his homily and spiritual talks. Sr. Susila Mary FSAG was shocked to witness his rigours austerity and life of Poverty in Rome.

When he was the assistant parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima Church, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore from 1972 -73, he was very much interested in promoting and teaching the Catholic faith to elders and children. He met every family in the parish and insisted them with pastoral prudence and care about the importance of family prayer, Bible reading and the catechism of the Catholic Church. Even today, this parishioners remember him with a sense of gratitude for all his goodness and a life of true Gospel witness. He had a big heart for the poor and the suffering, he always assisted them through his superiors.

He departed 40 years ago (1979) but still the fragrance of his holiness smells sweet and is very much alive among us. His life was very short, his friends were a very few and he was not very much exposed to the world but his simple and serene life stands as a guiding force to the thousands of the people of God. All those who were in contact or lived with Fr. John Peter SAVERINAYAGAM experienced in him a deep spirituality and thirst for God. He was a true suffering servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. His holiness came to limelight at the time of his illness and every one still wonders of his forbearance. He suffered a lot due to cancer but with an innocent smile, he accepted the pain and agony. He was indeed a humble servant of the Crucified Lord and a true son of Our Father St Francis.

After his death a few people used to visit his tomb and pray to him. Candles were found very often only at his tomb and recent years there is a bigger crowd at his tomb. People visit his tomb regularly and particularly on Tuesdays in hundreds. People offer flowers and candles at his tomb. Even late night people are found at his tomb kneeling and praying with tears and burning candles in their hands. People feel the spiritual atmosphere at his tomb. A number of miracles were reported through the powerful intercession of Fr. John Peter SAVARINAYAGM. May the Good Lord, exalt Fr. John Peter OFM. Cap., his humble servant to the company of the saints.


Rev. Fr. A. Thainis, OFM Cap.,
(Vice - Postulator)
Parish Priest- Amalashram,
Srirangam, Trichirapalli - 620 006.
Tamil Nadu, South India.